About CzarCreates

👋🏽 Hi there! Welcome to CzarCreatesPlanners, home of where your productivity THRIVES alongside your creative spirit!

I'm CK, lover of horror and otters, aspiring lawyer-turned Brand Designer, and survivor of early 20s burnout. Now I want to help you avoid it!

Before I started this business, I was juggling a fast-paced 9-5 job with my uni degrees.

I tried to balance work, life, and studies, but I found myself investing most of my time and energy into work - two of our most limited yet valuable currencies.

During that time, I also fell out of touch with my creative side and neglected a lot of my hobbies, even though they brought me a lot of joy.

But it was okay since I was getting promoted, pay rises, praises... right?

I was wrong, and I learnt 3 things the hard way:

💡 Professional achievements do NOT equal your own personal growth
💡 Resting IS being productive - we can't keep going if we don't pause and a take a break
💡 While it may seem small, integrating creativity into your routines can help you achieve better work-life balance (and no, it doesn't have to be perfect!)

Inspired by my long-time love for stationery, I saw an opportunity to create digital tools that combined our productive need for organisation and creative need for expression.

And so, here I am! 

And my mission for this business GREW 🌱

I realised that my desire to be this high-capacity do-it-all woman was born from being surrounded by toxic hustle culture.


I'm a small gal (seriously - I'm under 5'5 lol) embarking on a BIG mission to provide tools and create a space that empower productive creatives to beat toxic hustle culture and lead a lifestyle where they don’t have to sacrifice their creativity for productivity; where they feel fulfilled and not burnt out; and where they navigate a growth journey that focuses on both their personal and professional development.

Are you with me?